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Bishop Frederick O. Jones

Founder & Senior Pastor

Meet Our Pastor

Bishop Frederick O. Jones is the Founder and Senior Pastor of New Life Community Baptist Church (NLCBC) in Gainesville, Virginia. Through the guidance and unwavering anointing from the Lord, Bishop Jones has led the members of NLCBC to reach the un-churched and to bring restoration to those that have been down trodden, brokenhearted and rejected. 


On July 6, 2002, he fulfilled a God-given vision to equip the community by sharing the good news of Jesus. Bishop Jones and the NLCBC family are committed to their community and provide outreach through volunteering at assisted living facilities, nursing homes, food shelters, and conducting community leadership panels to support our youth programs. 


He is the founder and presiding Bishop of the New Life Fellowship of Churches. The Lord has raised this fellowship to advance the kingdom of God, one community at a time and abroad through empowerment of the individual believer. While this assignment is great and the call is urgent, we are looking forward to God using us to impact the community and the world abroad for His Kingdom. 


In 1988, he served as the Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Orange, VA for a total of seven years. During this time, he was led to become a missionary where he had an opportunity to travel to the Philippines three times with Carrol A. Baltimore Ministries to preach and teach the gospel and contribute to the establishment of new churches and schools in the mission field. After transitioning from Mount Pleasant, the Lord led Bishop Jones and his family to Providence Baptist Church, in Orleans, Virginia where he served as Pastor for seven years. 


Bishop Jones’ unequivocal desire is to see people with the eyes and heart of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 3:15 (NLT) says “I will give you leaders after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.”  


He is the youngest of eight siblings; five brothers and three sisters. Bishop Jones was born, raised and educated in Louisa County, Virginia.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, First Lady Lisa Antoinette Jones. They have two daughters, Nicole Mayfield and Tiara Jones, a son-in-love, Ray Mayfield, and a beautiful granddaughter, Sophia Mayfield. His academic accomplishments include an Associate’s degree from Kee Business College and a graduate of the Eastern Theological Center.

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