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Restore. Empower. Advance. Counsel. Harmonize


All across the world people are hurting from various situations and circumstances some of no fault of their own while others become victims of their own bad decisions. While none of us stand in the seat to cast judgement, New Life has taken every opportunity to reach out to help those who’ve lost their way. We are passionate about changing and enhancing lives by removing educational and financial barriers for Black, Hispanic and Latino communities with our project REACH. Our passion is focused on helping those who are down-trodden and broken hearted and we do that through empowering the community with knowledge. We also provide grocery and clothing donations and financial assistance to those in need especially during the pandemic.  This type of support in addition to our educational efforts, help meet the immediate need of low income and underrepresented homes. Our educational conferences, events and live platform Let’s Talk About It focuses on mental health, health disparities that people of color are challenged with, managing finances and how to prevail through systematic racism. With additional funds we will be able to work with local partners to provide equipment, software and supplies to make it easier for low income families to apply the information we provide. In addition, we will be able to bring more experienced professionals to help train our community on how to live a healthy lifestyle and be an advocate for themselves, especially in environments that expect them to fail.
For more information on how you can support the ministry or get involved, please contact
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